Laffey's Irish Animals

Fort Collins, Colorado
Irish Gypsy Vanner Horses
and Irish Dexter Cattle

About Us

Steve and Kelly Laffey live in Fort Collins, Colorado, on a beautiful 36 acre Ranch.  With six kids, two dogs and a cat, the Laffeys already had a full house.   After studying the local area they developed a business plan to raise and breed selective cattle and horses.   A lengthy stay in Ireland had introduced them to the charming creatures from that picturesque country and they longed for the ability to raise and breed Irish animals.   Since they are both of Irish descent they are happy to be able to raise two distinct Irish breeds.

Irish Gypsy Cob Horses:   Gorgeous horses! The Gypsy Horse has been described as having 'a warm, lovable nature which is active, kind, intelligent, and willing.' We have found this to be accurate. Having known many breeds of horses over the years, these have proven to be the friendliest and most docile we have ever had the pleasure to know. They have been the perfect addition to our family.

All of our kids spend time with the horses and cows. We work together to train them. Each one receiving loving encouragement and instruction.

Irish Dexter Cattle:   We love them, gentle animals they are, perfect for kids and families. We raise only red polled (no horns) and they are delightful. We are often in the pasture with them leading them, petting them and halter training the young ones. They are truly like no other breed of cattle you have ever seen or met.