Laffey's Irish Animals

Fort Collins, Colorado
Irish Gypsy Vanner Horses
and Irish Dexter Cattle

Our Dexters:

♢ Red
♢ Polled
PHA and Chondro free

Mojo, our bull, at a year and a half

Our herd is registered with the
American Dexter Cattle
Laffey's Red Happy
 (Mojo x Heather)
Happy is our last calf of the season and a keeper!
She is the daughter of Heather and has her quiet, gentle disposition.

Laffey's Red Jojo
 (Mojo x Peanut)
Jojo is a one of a kind bull calf. He is homozygous polled, A2/A2 and has the best temperament around. We're keeping this little guy!
Laffey's Red Ruby
(Mojo x Amber)
Ruby is as gorgeous as her mom, Amber,
 and as sweet as her dad, Mojo.

Mojo is our 2 year old red, polled bull. He is certified A2/A2.
You can find Mojo on the ADCA website:
Mojo and his herd
Mojo as a calf
Amber is the mother of Ruby and is bred to Mojo for a spring 2014 calf.
Champagne is the daughter of Hillview Redwing and the mother of Burgundy. She is bred to Mojo for a 2014 calf.
Heather is extra-special and the favorite cow on the ranch. She is the mother of Happy. She is bred to Mojo for a 2014 calf.
Her real name is Jiggs but she is Peanut to us. Due to allergies, she is the only peanut allowed on the Laffey Ranch. She won the "Other Breeds" category at the Greeley Dairy Extravaganza in 2012. She is the mother of Jojo and bred to Mojo for a spring 2014 calf.